Anonymous:  omg girltalk, i like this boy who i only see in passing who probably dosent know i exist. i saw his instagram and theres several girls commenting on his pics and stuff. i want to talk to him and "make a move" but i dont know how. sorry this is so long

aww this is so cute!! trust me i struggle with the same problem, whenever i have a crush on a guy i never tell him i just hope he’ll make the move but he doesnt obvi lol! start off simple, just smile at him, you dont have to show teeth!! that’ll just look creepy, just a sincere half-hearted smile if you know what i mean. and from there just act casual, dont freak out with your friends whenever you see him. if you have mutual friends try and get them to sneak in a good word about you orrr even ask to hang with them when he’s there. OR if you’re feeling confident„ just go right on up to him and tell him straight up that you think he’s cute (which technially you arent implying that you like him youre just calling him attractive.) or you could also try talking to him on Instagram??? I cannot guarantee any of this will work but i really hoope you keep me updated i want to know what happens!!! and if he doesnt feel the same way or you realize youre wasting your time, boys suck and youll eventually find someone just don’t give your hopes up<333 

Anonymous:  How does one deal with stress?

honestly you dont, you just cope with it. I sleep and drink lots of chamomile tea to try and calm myself down, but I’m constantly stressing and that’s completely normal bc who doesnt? ya know

spaceivy:  girl talk thing(altho im not a girl): i wanna wear cute outfits but idk wear to buy stuff in the uk neither now to match stuff

I don’t live in the UK so I wont be much help, buutt about the whole matching thing, just wear whatever you want to wear and whatever you think looks good! I’m sadly one of those ppl who overthink about what I’m wearing and I really hope you dont and you flaunt your cute outfits 💖 

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